Configure your industrial robot with a mobile device and up to 90% faster

  • check_circleInde­pendent from the choice of robot manu­fac­turer
  • check_circleCustom, intuitive user interface
  • check_circleNo programming skills necessary
  • check_circle90% reduction of setup time
  • check_circleUnlimited number of programs
  • check_circleDetailed digital arm sheets for the correct mechanical configuration of robot and machinery
  • check_circleRich documentation features

Use Cases

Rising degrees of auto­mation and production flexi­bility nowadays forces compa­nies to re-configure their robots much more fre­quently. Re-configu­ration is time-consuming and requires expert know­ledge of the robot program­ming language.

We help you to render this process simpler, faster, and a much more eco­nomic by provi­ding an inter­face, witch which human and machine can interact without know­ledge of a dedi­cated robot program­ming language.

Our soft­ware allows you to (re-)configure your indus­trial robot with a mobile device via a graphical user inter­face that is tailored exact­ly to your needs. Among the features is the pos­sibility to docu­ment the process with photos and comments, making it even more effi­cient and resilient to er­rors.

Simpler, faster, more performant

Have a look!

Configuration Step by Step

Create program
  • check_circleUse the intuitive user interface to enter customer, product, and process data.
  • check_circleAttach additional instructions to a program if necessary.
  • check_circleComplex calculations of parameters, e.g, the distribution of parts on a palette, are executed directly on the mobile device.
Select program
  • check_circlePick an existing program from the list or utilize the search and autocomplete functions.
  • check_circlePrograms are stored in a powerful on-premise or cloud-based data base.
Open arming instructions
  • check_circleSwitch to the arm sheet to get detailed instruction for setting up the mechanics of robot and machinery.
  • check_circleAdd comments or shoot photos directly with your mobile device to attach to the corresponding work item.
Send to robot controller
  • check_circleTransmit the configuration to the robot controller within seconds.
  • check_circleDone!


Increased efficiency

by optimal deployment of man and machinery.

Error avoidance

thanks to an intuitive and well-structured user interface, no more fiddling around with low-level source code.

Process optimization

through detailed arm sheets and rich documentation features

Time savings

up to 90% already at initial setup, professional training of your staff in low-level robot programming languages becomes obsolete

Expansion of functionality

by unlimited program storage and high-level language features on the client-side

What our Customers Think

"During the initial setup of a robot program, we save about 80% of time. This allows us to manufacture even small batches economically."

"Our staff is so accustomed to smartphones and tablets, they are now using them to program the robot with ease."

"The digital arm sheets are immensely helpful in the mechanical configuration of the robot's peripherals."

Robert Eßer, CEO
aha! Albert Haag GmbH